I was born & raised in Western Sydney, home to one of the most culturally diverse areas in Australia. 

As a child, I was immersed in art and culture as well as play. I think the endless play is why I love to have fun and make people laugh; being surrounded by art is why I became a photographer.  

A Family, Newborn & Branding photographer.

I'm Karen!

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well hey there!

My Grandmother was an artist, and I loved watching her create. Her art held such wonder and magic for me as a child, so I determined to find that for myself. I studied Graphic Design after finishing high school and jumped from this to that to the other thing, but none of them were quite right. Eventually, I realised that perhaps the fact that I’d been taking photos since forever was a sign. 

The birth of my first two children was the extra push I needed. You know, that feeling of instant, crazy love? Well, it made me want to be able to take the most beautiful pictures possible. 

a heart for creativity

To be able to document every wondrous detail and expression, and every aspect of their personality as they grew, even when they were (and still are) driving me crazy!

So, I dove right in, studying and practicing, until my passion became my very own form of art. I became a photographer. 

MORE THAN JUST A Photographer

Like you though, I’m so much more than just my job title. I’m a Mum to three little rascals, a wife to a wonderful man, a business owner, and I am myself – a fan of Tik Tok videos (they’re so much fun!), a person who loves to laugh, a world traveller, an extrovert, and an undying fan of coffee, even if I do have to microwave it three times before finding time to finish it! 

And I feel like that part gets left out a lot, for women. We’re so focussed on staying on top of everything else, for everyone else, that we forget to include ourselves – to make time for us, and to give ourselves the space to be seen.

I can take beautiful family photos, not just of your gorgeous, wild, silly, nutty children, or of your partner throwing them up in the air and playing and having fun, but of you as well!

in your family photos, invest in your business, to take time out for you and

exist in photos

tell your story

You deserve to be

all that you are.

Of you and your world, and everything that that is – from family photos to branding photos, those delicious newborn moments to the terrifying exhilaration of starting a new business venture.

Your story, whatever that may be, would not exist without you, and it deserves to be told. 

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s get to it!

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