Sonyla, the mastermind behind this beauty haven, sought to capture the essence of her brand through a team branding photoshoot. With new team members onboard and a re-brand in the works, we ventured into her bright and beautiful salon to craft a visual narrative that mirrored the unique charm of Sonyla's Beauty Spot. 


Sonylas beauty spot

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Sonyla was in the midst of an exciting phase—a re-brand and the addition of new team members. The challenge was to capture the spirit of her beauty sanctuary while introducing the fresh faces that now graced her team. Balancing the essence of the existing brand with the infusion of new energy became our creative challenge.

To tackle this challenge head-on, I set the stage right in Sonyla's radiant salon. I orchestrated a team branding photoshoot that seamlessly blended the established brand vibe with the personalities of the new team members. Each corner of the salon became a canvas to showcase the unique skills and camaraderie within the team. The solution lay in crafting visuals that not only celebrated the brand's evolution but also welcomed the new team members into the beauty family.

The team branding session yielded a collection of images that embodied the heart and soul of Sonyla's Beauty Spot. From group shots exuding unity to individual portraits capturing the distinct talents of each team member, the visuals reflected the salon's welcoming ambiance. Sonyla now has a set of images that not only highlights the beauty treatments but also introduces the personalities shaping the experience. 

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