Trina, the founder of Sunday Nails, a thriving DIY gel nail business, faced a common challenge among entrepreneurs: the need for updated and professional branding images. With her business experiencing immense growth, Trina realized that her existing images, some a decade old, no longer reflected her brand's vibrant personality and the fun-loving spirit behind Sunday Nails. Seeking to showcase the dynamic essence of her brand and inject fresh energy into her online presence, Trina turned to me for a personalised branding solution.


Founder - Sunday Nails

Meet Trina


Trina, the founder of Sunday Nails, a DIY gel nail business, faced a common dilemma among entrepreneurs: a lack of professional imagery reflecting her brand's growth. Despite the immense success of her business, Trina's existing images were outdated, with her last professional photo taken over a decade ago. Recognising the importance of visual storytelling in today's digital landscape, Trina sought to refresh her brand's image with vibrant, engaging photos that showcased her fun-loving personality and the essence of Sunday Nails.

To address Trina's challenge, I crafted a personalised personal branding photography session tailored to capture the essence of Sunday Nails and Trina's unique personality. The shoot was done at A to Z creative studio, offering a variety of backdrops and looks to showcase her brand. We collaborated closely with Trina to understand her brand's values, aesthetic preferences, and target audience, ensuring that the resulting images would authentically represent her business while resonating with her clientele. Leveraging our expertise in personal branding photography, we curated a shot list that highlighted Trina's infectious energy, creativity, and passion for her craft.

Following the personal branding session, Trina received a comprehensive collection of professional images that exceeded her expectations. The new photos not only captured the vibrancy and professionalism of Sunday Nails but also showcased Trina's fun side, fostering a deeper connection with her audience. With her updated visual assets, Trina successfully redefined her brand image, attracting increased engagement, brand recognition, and client trust. The fresh, dynamic photos have become invaluable tools in Trina's marketing efforts, contributing to the continued growth and success of Sunday Nails.

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