Estelle is a brilliant Recipe Developer and food stylist behind Lentils and Lemons. Eager to infuse her website with mouthwatering imagery, Estelle embarked on a creative journey with a specific vision. Renting a charming venue, we set the stage to capture her crafting culinary wonders in the kitchen, lounging in creative spaces, and embracing the balance of pilates and yoga. Join me as we unfold the challenge, unveil the solutions, and savor the delicious results!


Lentils & Lemons

Meet Estelle


Estelle's challenge was clear—to visually narrate the essence of Lentils and Lemons, her culinary haven. Juggling the dynamics of creating recipes in the kitchen, showcasing her workspace, and embodying a healthy lifestyle through pilates and yoga became my delightful challenge.

To bring Estelle's vision to life, she hired a venue that served as a versatile backdrop for her multifaceted work. From the heart of the kitchen, where recipes were born, to cozy lounge spaces, I captured Estelle in her creative element. Pilates and yoga sessions added another layer, portraying the holistic approach to her culinary lifestyle. The solution lay in crafting a visual narrative that harmonised her passion for food, work, and well-being.

The imagery from our session now graces Lentils and Lemons, telling a rich story of Estelle's culinary prowess and balanced lifestyle. The kitchen scenes radiate with the aroma of creative cooking, while the lounge shots offer glimpses into her workspace. The pilates and yoga captures showcase Estelle's commitment to a wholesome lifestyle. The results? A captivating array of images that not only enhances Lentils and Lemons but also provides a visual feast for Estelle's audience, inviting them into her world of flavour and balance.


Super calm and warm which is helpful if you're nervous when a camera is being pointed at you

Karen is a star. Super calm and warm which is helpful if you're nervous when a camera is being pointed at you. She was easy to work with and the photos had a fast turn around and in my inbox within 2 weeks. The photos are FANTASTIC quality, provided in both low and high resolution. I appreciated the easy communication pre and post shoot and support she provided in addition to all the work with the photos.... I'll be working with you again soon!!! Thank you for everything.


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